Presentations and Posters

Monday, June 6: Model Clinics
Tuesday, June 7: Model Overview and New Developments | Chemistry I | Aerosols | Posters
Wednesday, June 8: Emissions and surface fluxes | Carbon Gases | Chemistry II | Posters
Thursday, June 9: Chemistry-Ecosystem-Climate | Model Developments | Air quality| Posters
Friday, June 10: Fires | GEOS-Chem & Community

Monday, June 6

Model Clinics

Tuesday, June 7

Model overview and new developments (Chair: Daniel Jacob, Harvard) Chemistry I (Chair: Eloise Marais, U. College London) Aerosols (chair: Will Porter, UC Riverside) Posters

Wednesday, June 8

Emissions and surface fluxes (chair: Dylan Millet, U. Minnesota) Carbon gases (chair: Seb Eastham, MIT) Chemistry II (chair: Pam Wales, NASA GSFC) Posters

Thursday, June 9

Chemistry-Ecosystem-Climate (chair: Chris Holmes, FSU) Model developments (chair: Dylan Jones, U. Toronto) Air quality (chair: Yuxuan Wang, U. Houston) Posters

Friday, June 10

Fires (chair: Barron Henderson, US EPA) GEOS-Chem & Community (chair: Randall Martin, WashU)
  • KEYNOTE: 25 years of GEOS-Chem (Daniel Jacob, Harvard)
  • Open discussion on model development priorities, Working Group concerns, and other GEOS-Chem topics (Randall Martin, WashU, discussion lead)