Presentations and Posters

Mon, May 21: Overview and Invited Talks | WG Introductions | Aerosols | Chemistry | Poster Session A
Tue, May 22 : Regional & Global Air Quality | Organics & Mercury | Transport & Sources/Sinks | Poster Session B
Wed, May 23: Chemistry-Ecosystems-climate | WG Breakout Reports and Discussion

Monday, May 21

GEOS-Chem Overview and Invited Talks (Chair: Hong Liao)

GEOS-Chem Working Group Introductions (Chair: Daniel Jacob)

Aerosols (Chair: Daven Henze)

Chemistry (Chair: Lin Zhang)

Poster Session A

Tuesday, May 22

Regional and global air quality (Chair: Jun Wang)

Organics and Mercury (Chair: Yuxuan Wang)

Transport, Sources and Sinks (Chairs: Jintai Lin and Nadine Unger)

Poster Session B

Wednesday, May 23

Chemistry-Ecosystems-climate (Chair: Tzung-May Fu)

Working Group Breakout Reports and Discussion (Chair: Daniel Jacob)