Presentations and Posters

Mon 04 May 2015: Model Overview | GEOS-Chem Working Groups | Aerosol Chemistry and Microphysics | GEOS-Chem Model Clinics | Model Overview | Monday Posters
Tue 05 May 2015: Chemistry-Climate | Carbonaceous Aerosols | Carbon Cycle & Organics | Tuesday Posters
Wed 06 May 2015: Mercury and Persistent Organic Pollutants | Regional and Global Air Quality | Sources and Sinks | Wednesday Posters
Thu 07 May 2015: Tropospheric Ozone | Nitrogen Cycle

Monday, May 4

Model Overview (Yuhang Wang, Georgia Tech, Chair)

GEOS-Chem Working Groups (Colette Heald, MIT, Chair)

Aerosol Chemistry and Microphysics (Fangqun Yu, SUNY-Albany, Chair)

Photochemistry (Becky Alexander, U. Washington, Chair)

GEOS-Chem Model Clinics


Tuesday, May 5

Chemistry-Climate (Loretta Mickley, Harvard, Chair)

Carbonaceous Aerosols (Matthew Alvarado, AER, Chair)

Carbon Cycle & Organics (Ray Nassar, Environment Canada, Chair)


Wednesday, May 6

Mercury and Persistent Organic Pollutants (Leonard Levin, EPRI, Chair)

Regional and Global Air Quality (Amos Tai, Chinese U. Hong Kong, Chair)

Sources and Sinks (Prasad Kasibhatla, Duke, Chair)


Thursday, May 7

Tropospheric Ozone (Hiroshi Tanimoto, NIES Japan, Chair)

Nitrogen Cycle (Jenny Fisher, U. Wollongong, Chair)