Mon Apr 4:  Model Overview | Global Trop. Chemistry | Global Aerosols | Intercontinental Transport

Tue Apr 5:  CO, CO2, Black Carbon | NOx and VOC's | Expanding Model Capabilities | Regional Air Quality

Wed Apr 6:  Global Chemical Budgets | Model Issues & Model Future

Monday, April 4 2005

Model Overview (Daniel Jacob, chair)

Global Tropospheric Chemistry (Qinbin Li, chair)

Global Aerosols (Randall Martin, chair)

Intercontinental Transport (Prasad Kasibhatla, chair)

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

Inverse modeling of emissions: CO, CO2, black carbon (Jennifer Logan, chair)

Inverse modeling of emissions: NOx and VOCs (Yuhang Wang, chair)

Expanding model capabilities (Dylan Jones, chair)

Regional air quality (Daewon Byun, chair)

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Global chemical budgets (Lyatt Jaeglé, chair)

Model Issues, Model Future (Daniel Jacob, chair)

  • Emissions (Jennifer Logan, discussion leader)
  • Aerosols (Peter Adams, discussion leader)
  • Chemistry (Mat Evans, discussion leader)
  • Multimedia modeling (Lyatt Jaeglé, discussion leader)
  • Transport (Prasad Kasibhatla, discussion leader)
  • Nesting with regional models (Daewon Byun, discussion leader)
  • Data assimilation (Dylan Jones, discussion leader)
  • Hardware/software issues (Bob Yantosca, discussion leader)