First GEOS-Chem Users' Meeting

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Maxwell-Dworkin Building, Room 119

Chair: Daniel J. Jacob

Usage of the GEOS-Chem has grown rapidly over the past two years. There are now about a dozen research groups using GEOS-Chem for a wide range of applications. Effective communication among users is a critical issue. We need to share our experiences, stay informed of model developments, and lay the basis for collaborations.

We also need to manage the next phase of model growth. The GEOS-Chem development strategy has emphasized a nimble approach towards incorporating new advances, combined with the strong maintenance of a central standard version and attentive support of users. This strategy has been by all accounts very successful. We must find the way to remain nimble and supportive while accommodating a large number of users with unique contributions and demands. We also need to facilitate the participation of non-Harvard users in the development of the model. We need to discuss the role of GEOS-Chem in support of the NASA Global Modeling and Assimilation Office (GMAO), the NASA Global Model Initiative (GMI), the EPA Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) model, and other initiatives.

The first GEOS-Chem Users' Meeting was focused on addressing all those needs. 

GEOS-Chem Users' Meeting Minutes.